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Mission of the Wings Student Art Gallery 

The mission of the Wings Student Art Gallery is to provide a venue for College of DuPage art students to pursue cultural practices, which reflect the ideas and concepts of contemporary art. The gallery offers students the opportunity to exhibit their artwork and to learn and practice aspects of curation and professional gallery operation. 


 • To facilitate the curation of challenging and innovative exhibitions in a professional environment 

• To provide visual art students with the opportunity to learn and practice professional gallery operation 

• To provide visual art students with the opportunity to critique exhibitions 

• To extend the range of art experiences available to students 

• To serve as an educational tool for the college and surrounding community 

Exhibition Policies and Procedures 

Exhibition proposals are selected and scheduled by the Wings Advisory Committee, members include art faculty and the gallery director. Current students and recent alumni from the visual arts areas at COD may submit proposals for review. A visual arts faculty member must support the proposal. 

Proposals are reviewed twice a year and exhibition slots are awarded for each academic semester.

The Wings Gallery and Advisory Committee reserves the right to edit works that do not follow the proposal or the theme, remove works that are incomplete, a danger to viewers, or do not fit the concept or space. The Advisory Committee has the right to cancel or postpone exhibitions if found necessary. The Wings Gallery reserves the right to photograph or document artworks related to exhibitions for publicity or archival purposes. 

Guidelines to Exhibiting 

Promotional Materials

Press Release information and digital images should be submitted to the Gallery Director at least one month prior to the exhibition. 

The Wings Gallery will produce posters for each exhibition that will be posted around campus (and beyond if possible) prior to the opening date of the exhibition. Email announcements within the College will be sent and press releases to local papers and venues. 

Exhibition Installation

 Each exhibitor or exhibiting group is encouraged to plan, install, and de-install their own exhibit in coordination with the faculty sponsor, Gallery Director, and the gallery’s student workers. Any specific plans for installation (pedestals, shelving, painting, additions to walls, ceiling, or floor, electrical requirements, special equipment etc.) must be approved before installation. 

Exhibitors will be responsible for finding display props, pedestals, tables or shelving. Consult with a faculty advisor for exhibition needs. The gallery will provide basic hanging supplies and tools. 

Exhibitors are responsible for providing a written list of titles and materials of all artworks and a price list (if work is for sale). The installation should be completed and the gallery ready to open on the exhibition opening date at the start of the gallery’s open hours. Typically, a week or so is planned to change over exhibits. 

Exhibitors need to be aware of dates and deadlines. Art cannot be removed from the gallery before the end of the exhibition. All artworks and equipment must be removed from the gallery within a few days after the exhibit closes (if a show ends Friday, pick-up of artwork is Monday or Tuesday). 

Exhibitors must comply with safety regulations required by the College of DuPage. The gallery staff will enforce certain installation restrictions. The Gallery Director reserves the right to close the doors on any exhibition where safety regulations are not followed until the violation is rectified. 


Wings Gallery will organize the reception and provide trays of cookies. The reception date and time should be coordinated with the gallery director at least a month before the opening. Exhibitor(s) should be in the gallery, available to visitors during reception hours.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.